Insulin Status Is Important Determinant Of Weight Reduction On Vascular Function

Sleep, stress reduction may help weight loss

They found that individuals with higher baseline plasma insulin levels (above median >12 uIU/ml), who had greater than 10 percent weight loss had significantly improved brachial artery macro-vascular flow-mediated vasodilation and micro-vascular reactive hyperemia. In contrast, vascular function did not change significantly in the lower insulin group (?12 uIU/mL) despite similar degree of weight loss. In analyses using a five percent weight loss cut-point, only micro-vascular responses improved in the higher insulin group. “Our study has shown that insulin status is an important determinant of the positive effect of weight reduction on vascular function with hyperinsulinemic patients deriving the greatest benefit,” explained corresponding author Noyan Gokce, MD, FACC, associate professor of medicine at BUSM and Director of Echocardiography at BMC.
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For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit


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